On Wednesday the 5th of January 2022, Jim Waterson of The Guardian published an article on the NMS Ceefax service - in it he chatted to me about how the service works, why it was re-created and why it's better than many websites available these days. It's release suddenly brought the service to the eyes of the world's media, and the resulting surge in traffic causing the site to slow to a crawl, eventually crashing under the insane loads. Many other news outlets picked up the story, some borrowing the story from The Guardian, others taking the time to gather info from the site itself, or get in touch with me directly. This page is an attempt to find and link to every news article, radio report or TV interview Ceefax is featured in - if you find one that's not in the below list, or has a link missing that you can provide, send it to me at nathanmediaservices@gmail.com!

In The Papers

The Guardian - "Text appeal: Ceefax recreated by 20-year-old Northern Irish man"
The story that started it all. Dan Farrimond put Jim Waterson in touch with me for an over-the-phone interview, with the article planned to be released over the Christmas period.

Belfast Live - "Co Fermanagh man making news nostalgic by recreating BBC's Ceefax service online"
Note the direct quotes of my NI accent!

The Metro - "Ceefax is back! Iconic text service recreated by 20-year-old coder"

Daily Star - "Retro BBC Teletext recreated from scratch by 'genius' 20-year-old coder in his attic"

The i - "Northern Ireland man spends six years recreating BBC’s Ceefax service"

English Times - "Ceefax is back! Iconic text service recreated by 20-year-old tags"
Probably copied from The Metro

Pehal News - "Text appeal: Ceefax recreated by 20-year-old Northern Irish man"
Seems to be copied from The Guardian

Belfast Telegraph - "Fermanagh man spends six years recreating BBC’s Ceefax service"

The Singapore Times - "‘Awesome’ 20-year-old coder recreates retro TSTIME teletext in his parents’ attic"

NRC - "BBC Teletext resurrects after ten years thanks to this young programmer"

Mirror - "Man spends six years recreating BBC's iconic news service Ceefax for the modern age"

On The Web


Clean Feed - "Nathan Dane appears on BBC Breakfast to talk Ceefax"

The Register - "Ceefax replica goes TITSUP* as folk pine for simpler times"

On The Radio

BBC Radio Four
Peter Kwan reports a "brief mention" at 0743 on 2022/01/06

BBC Radio Five Live - Jim Davis fills in for Hayley Hassall
Some discussion about the Ceefax re-creation overnight

BBC Radio Ulster
With Jason Robertson on Evening Extra (captured by "NoCaps" of the Teletext Group)

BBC Radio Ulster
Live on the Connor Phillips Show - note the use of Robin Jap's "Storyteller" from the "Timetextures" Pages From Ceefax playlist! Certainly "the genuine, actual Ceefax music"... I believe this was a bit of time filling, as my phone call had cut off!

BBC Radio Scotland
Martin Geissler on Good Morning Scotland

BBC Radio Essex
Sonia Watson chats to me about the service

BBC Radio Suffolk
(no link yet)

BBC East Midlands
(no link yet)

Q Radio
With Yasmin ("Yazz") Zemmoura

With Sean Moncrieff

BBC Radio Two
With Jeremy Vine - Captured by gkmac

On The Telly

BBC Breakfast
Captured by Alistair Cree