Terms Of Service

NMS Ceefax and the contents thereof are provided completely as-is, with no guarantees attached to the information provided. Whilst I endeavour to keep all contents as up-to-date and accurate as possible, I cannot be held responsible for any personal loss incurred from actions taken based on Ceefax' content.

NMS Ceefax is always provided completely free of charge, with no strings attached - you are free to browse the service on the various available web viewers, or download the pages to be broadcast as 'real' teletext with equipment such as a Raspberry Pi. For various reasons I can't accept any payments or donations for the service, even if I wanted to. If someone is asking you to pay for Ceefax, I can tell you it won't be going towards upkeep of the service.


This is really just a "common decency" thing. Realistically I'm not going to sue you if you don't keep to my requirements, but I can withdraw your service. As long as you're pointing viewers to my site, not trying to pass Ceefax off as your work, and not trying to hack my server (or otherwise reduce the site's enjoyment for other users) I don't care.

If you're planning to make Ceefax content available to end-users via a third party, i.e. make the content available outside of my website (like on Github, your own personal website, or a video streaming service), common decency would dictate that you ask me if that's OK first. Nine times out of ten I'll be totally fine with it. As a rule of thumb, if you have a link to my site and make it perfectly clear to the casual user that this isn't your own content, and aren't putting me or the Ceefax service in a bad light, I'm probably going to be happy with it. In some cases I may ask you for specific co-operation, depending on what you want to do - for example I may ask that you don't produce live streams at the same time I'm doing an "official" one, or that you include a specific message in the description.

If you are making Ceefax available as a third party, do please at least keep it up to date and functioning correctly. For some reason even if you get credited when it's working, I'm the one who gets emailed for tech support when it's not.

Don't misuse the service. The systems are constantly monitored, I'll know pretty quickly if you're doing something daft. I reserve the right to mess with your service if I think that's warranted. Yes I can do that.

Adding your Content to Ceefax

If you want to contribute to Ceefax, the best way is to code up something to produce a part of the service I haven't finished yet, or haven't done properly. If you do contribute code to Ceefax, you get a special mention on page 69something, congrats. If you do end up getting your code on Ceefax, do remember it will need maintaining. If it stops working, (which it will, eventually, unfortunately), it's up to you to fix it - and if you don't, I'll probably just disable it again.

If you have something special to add to Ceefax... well, you can ask me, but unless it's absolutely outstanding, or part of the original service, Ceefax ain't the place for it - try asking Peter Kwan to put it on Teefax for you, or Alistair Cree to put it on Chunkytext.